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The American Redneck Society was formed to benefit its members. When lots of people join together, their numbers result in buying-power and influence. Imagine the buying power and market-influence of an association whose sole purpose is to represent and benefit the millions of rednecks in this country.

Company Overview
We enjoy much of the “redneck” humor that has become popular among many comedians. As such, rednecks certainly do have a sense of humor. However, rednecks are much more than the punch-line of jokes. An important purpose of the American Redneck Society is to “spit-polish” the image of rednecks. We aim to shine the light on positive characteristics of the redneck culture. One such characteristic is a love of country and respect for core American values . . . those held by our founding fathers, not liberals in politics and media. For these reasons, the American Redneck Society’s motto is: “sense of country, sense of humor.”

Our Mission
Provide under-served and under-appreciated rednecks with an advocate for economic benefits and a place to associate with like-minded, fun-loving, hard-working patriots.

I am proud to be an American and affirm that the United States of America is one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. I embrace the historical heritage of the Redneck. This heritage includes men wearing red scarves around their necks while escaping religious persecution in Scotland centuries ago. It includes farmers whose hard work in the sun-drenched fields of this nation’s breadbasket burned their necks crimson red while keeping Americans fed. And, despite the politically correct stereotype, the redneck heritage includes black coal miners from West Virginia who also wore red scarves around their necks to proclaim membership in their coal-mining union. As a Redneck, I work hard, I play hard and I love my country. As a Redneck, I am able to laugh at myself. In short, as an American Redneck, I have a sense of country and a sense of humor.


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