Second Amendment Petition

Second Amendment Petition
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If you're an American who believes in the 2nd Amendment,

Sign the petition below.

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We Americans, who adhere to OUR Constitution of OUR United States, believe the 2 nd Amendment grants ALL Americans the right to bear arms;

We believe that the UN Small Arms Treaty is a MASSIVE GLOBAL gun control scheme which will affect ALL Americans;

We believe the UN Small Arms Treaty is designed to force OUR United States to enact tougher gun licensing, placing more burden on OUR ability to purchase legal guns;

We believe that ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty will create an international gun registry, and in effect allow foreign countries to have knowledge of OUR private gun ownership;

We believe that releasing the gun registry will place OUR families’ lives in danger from terrorist organizations;

We believe that under the Supremacy Clause of OUR United States Constitution the UN Small Arms Treaty will have the power of a constitutional amendment and will therefore repeal OUR Second Amendment right to bear arms;

WE DEMAND, that as OUR elected representatives you tell the United Nations, "GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!

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