Redneck Remarks

Redneck Remarks

Rednecks: More Than Meets the Eye

Whether they know it or not, rednecks represent an incredible economic force, both from the standpoints of productivity and consumer spending. Rednecks spend a far greater percentage of their income on hard goods and big-ticket items -- especially those that are made in the USA -- than their more affluent city-dwelling counterparts. They are pumping a huge amount of money into our economy by buying second vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, trailers, bass boats, fishing gear, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, power tools, guns, ammo, and on and on and on -- tangible hard goods that translate into jobs for American citizens in the critical manufacturing sector.

The far-richer-on-paper "urbanites" are shoveling their money into not only exorbitant taxes, but also the coffers of mortgage companies, insurance firms, and purveyors of overpriced consumables. Any economist worth his salt will agree that a strong manufacturing and industrial sector is the key to real, lasting economic stability.

Rednecks Value Individual Freedom

One of the values that a redneck holds true is the concept of individual freedom. The Covenanters of 17th century Scotland prescribed to this ideology and are the true founders of the "Redneck” movement. The Covenanters rejected the Church of England as their sanctioned church. In doing so, they also refused to be ruled by bishops which was the conventional method of church government. Many of the self determined Covenanters signed documents with their own blood that rejected episcopacy and demanded a Presbyterian Church government. To show their allegiance in this movement the Covenanters began wearing red pieces of cloth around their necks and were appropriately called "Rednecks.” Out of defiance, the original redneck was born.

Gretchen Wilson is Proud to be a Redneck Woman

"I laugh at redneck jokes harder than anyone else because there’s nothing funnier than the truth,” she told The Bergen County Record of New Jersey. "But I think the definition of a redneck woman is just that of a very confident woman, a very secure woman, who isn’t following the fads. I know I’m the best that I can be, and that’s good enough for me.”

Rednecks Sure Come in Handy as Neighbors

Even though I don't understand rednecks, they sure come in handy as neighbors. They'll fix your broken truck, send you a meal if you're sick, and they'll even buy you something at the flea market on your birthday. More importantly, having a redneck neighbor can make you feel safe. If the sight of Billy Bob sitting on his porch cleaning his Smith & Wesson doesn't scare off an intruder, then all his dogs will.

What’s so Wrong with Rednecks? Nothing, That’s What

Seems like everywhere you turn nowadays, there's some derogatory comment, joke or statement being made about rednecks. One person makes a bad crack about the lack of intelligence rednecks seem to display, and before you know it everyone around them is joining in on the ridicule. While it may be funny to some, it can be highly offensive to others.

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